Want to Improve Your Situations and Symptoms? Julia Knows How You Are Feeling and Gets Results. She follows the trail of information, Clearing inner clutter to Create Maximum Benefit for people wanting to Improve and Enjoy Life!

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Group Renewing Energetic Activation Telecasts with Julia Grace McCammon

Group Renewing Energetic Activation Telecasts with Julia Grace McCammon

Group Renewing Energetic Activation Telecasts A service Julia offers that allows you to benefit from the comfort of your home! Julia connects with each person attending a Group Renewing Energetic Activation Telecast. As she feels and tracks the entire group’s information, all

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Feel Better as you Observe More and Absorb Less – Lighten Up and Enjoy Life!

In-Person, Telephone, Skype or Remote Sessions and Group Telecasts bring Greater Calmness, Confidence, Energy, Focus and Joy
Clients share about Julia’s mix of Yuen Method, Matrix Energetics and more

Clients Want to Share their Experiences

In Feb, 2015 I had a terrible bout of lower back, buttocks, legs, and foot pain. I spent most of the next couple of years going to RMT’s, Physiotherapist, and Chiropractors along with spending most of my time in bed.

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Clear Your Path for only $97

Clear Your Path Consultation
Clear Your Path Consultation
Enjoy a Clear Your Path* session with Julia for $ 97 + HST *New Clients only
Price: $135.00
Price: $97.00
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Clear Your Path

Clear Your Path with Julia Grace McCammon

Struggling with yourself?  Are symptoms or situations affecting happiness in your life? Join Julia in a Clear Your Path* session Together you’ll Get Clear about What You Desire to change Gain Fresh Insight into challenges that may hold you back

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Consult with Julia to Benefit from her Care, Enthusiasm and Experience Clients across Canada benefit from Telephone, Skype, In-person or Group Remote sessions and Group Telecasts. Get results from the comfort of your home or office, no need to travel to a physical office. Julia

Julia Grace

Feel Better, Improve Your Situations & Symptoms

Julia Grace identifies and eliminates the underlying influences and weaknesses of life situations. She reads the information available through her many resources, methods/modalities as an energy healer with exceptional intuitive gifts. She has observed many physical issues connected with her clients’ mental/emotional state. We all have moments

What Clients Are Saying

Many thanks for the positive effects of easier digestion, a fantastic hip adjustment that greatly improved my balance and relief from intense shoulder and neck pain during two Group Telecast sessions. Thanks Julia, for sharing your energy and healing with me and my family.

Julie In person, Skype, Remote Group sessions & Group Telecasts

Many Methods/Tools

Yuen Method Certified Consultant, Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner, Certified Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master and more

Yuen Method Certified Consultant
Matrix Energetics
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Clear Aches, Anxiety, Sadness, Stress & Symptoms

Are you struggling, feeling stuck and unable to move forward? Clear energetic charges and blockages in sessions, reduce body pain as weaknesses are found and body areas strengthened. Emotional issues, painful memories and fears let go, making way for Wonderful New Feelings! Ready for Action? Purchase Individual or Group sessions and Start Today!

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