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I feel lighter and happier than I have felt in months, maybe even years. It is so great to start to feel like me again!

M. G.

I recently had many problems with my kidneys and many re-occurring bladder infections. I had been on many courses of antibiotics and nothing seemed to help. The final straw for me was the constant appearance of blood in my urine. My doctor sent me for tests including an Ultrasound that revealed a small kidney stone in one of my kidneys which contributed to my discomfort as well. I had a constant dull ache in my side and sometimes could not get comfortable. After reviewing the test results the doctor said there was nothing they could do for me and that it was likely “Interstitial Cystitis” and I would have to learn to live with it. I decided to see if Julia could do anything for me.

As Julia worked with me I could feel things shifting and working. I could especially feel it as she worked on my left kidney and felt an almost instant sense of relief. I have not had an infection or any blood in my urine since that appointment. I don’t know how I would have coped with those symptoms had it not been for Julia’s help.

I also have found it extremely convenient that Julia offers remote sessions. I have an extremely busy work schedule and commute, so I can’t always come into her office. I have started using remote sessions more and more and find they are equally effective as in-office ones. Often I will be at work and can feel a shift in me which I later find out was at the same time as my remote session ended!

Donna K.

I have had in-person, telephone and skype sessions as well as group remotes and telecasts with Julia.

I have been seeing Julia for years and try to focus on spiritual and emotional improvement, but often times when I get in there, she knows immediately where to focus. I had a fall a few days ago and really injured my tailbone, I wasn’t sure what any doctor could do for me, so I thought I would start with Julia… well 10 minutes into my session, I could feel her working on me and I could feel the pain dissipate – I was sitting without discomfort and walking much easier as well. Every session I have with her ends with me feeling much better than when I came in and I really can’t believe how quickly she can start that improvement for me. Thank you so much for all you do Julia, I am so thankful that you are such an awesome healer.

Thanks so much for everything that you do for me and for others!

T. Wilson

I leave Julia’s sessions clear headed and calm. I came to her with a build up of stress and she has really helped change my life for the better! With each session that passes I feel stronger and more confident, my relationships feel stronger and I am able to reconnect with myself and see the potential that I have now and for the future.

Thank you so much and I look forward to future sessions!

J. V.

I was referred to Julia by a friend who had a wonderful experience with Julia helping her change some of the energy in her life. For the first few sessions I kept an open mind to the process but didn’t feel a huge amount of change in my situation or my feelings towards it… I was very much stuck in my own head!
After a couple of months of sessions, I began to notice changes in my abilities to feel more neutral about the challenges I face in life, to better keep perspective around them and to better cope with the difficult relationships that I have struggled with in the past.
Persevering with my sessions with Julia has definitely paid off and I feel more strong and capable every week!

C. T.

Through a process, Julia assisted me in moving from a place of fear to a place of tremendous joy! For me personally, things seemed to get worse before they got better, but the roller coaster ride was well worth it! It has changed my life and I am forever grateful!


I am truly grateful for knowing Julia and having her in my life for the past 3 1/2 years. I am grateful that she has helped me to have the courage to see myself honestly and to make positive changes in my life. I am grateful for the friendship that we have developed and her cheerful non-judgmental attitude. I am grateful that she always makes the time for me to have appointments and the clean, relaxing environment she provides for our visits.

I am grateful for the remote healing appointments that provide powerful healing from a distance without having to sacrifice opportunities to be with family and friends. I am grateful for her support when I really need a hug. I am grateful for the overall increased health in mind, body and spirit that I enjoy from consistent healing effort and constant encouragement and support.

Thank you so much Julia!


I have been working with Julia through in-person sessions. Prior to our work together I was overwhelmed by anxious thoughts, self-doubt, and a really “busy mind” that would prevent me from just being “in the moment”. I also had a lot of physical discomfort, including headaches and neck pain. I was amazed when my neck pain and headaches improved (something that chiropractors or massage therapists were not able to help with). I am also much more relaxed, less anxious and enjoying life and work more as I am able to be mindful and am freed of the negative/anxious “self-talk” that was happening in my head constantly. Julia has had a huge impact on the quality of my life. I recommend her highly!


I contacted Julia to help me with specific health issues that had plagued me for over a year. Though I’d been seeing doctors and specialists, no one could tell me why I had difficulty swallowing. I was aspirating liquids, choking on food and always had the sensation that something was stuck in my throat. All of these symptoms were made worse by laying down so for a very long time I was averaging about 2-4 hours of sleep a night.

I’ve had three telephone sessions with Julia. During our calls I am able to notice the effects. The changes can feel subtle but are deep and powerful and continue for days. Our conversation is always thoughtful and she intuitively recognizes information that is meaningful in the moment.

So, three telephone sessions later and I’m sleeping through the night. I’m now able to enjoy my morning coffee and I’m not afraid to eat. We also addressed family relationships and on the eve of that session I had an easy 30-minute chat with a family member I was feeling distanced from. I’m pleasantly surprised as each day I continue to notice things changing and I look forward to seeing where the road takes us. Thank you Julia.


I have never felt the energy movement that I felt with Julia. It’s awesome! I have been to a variety of energy healers and have usually experienced some energy movement but with Julia it was instant and intense.

Plus as she worked on me I could hear my vertebrae shifting. She’s working with my Aura and whatever she is doing seems to be causing my physical body to adjust itself. Pretty amazing!

I felt a sense of calm after the treatment and much more relaxed. The physical difficulty that I’ve been having with my neck and shoulder are not nearly as intense. If you’re looking for an Energy Practitioner I highly recommend getting a session from Julia.

Erick T.

When I look back on my first visit with Julia Grace I remember how I was so buried in my thoughts. It was obvious that I had piles of clutter to work through and years of my past to let go of. My tendency to dwell on details unnecessarily, analyzing the “should haves”, were keeping me from looking ahead and enjoying all of the positives in my life.

Julia Grace’s unique approach to clearing out barriers that I thought were keeping me emotionally safe proved to be a comfortable, calming process. The more I relax when I am there, the less weighed down I am. She works through my past like I was never able to, deals with some of my huge obstacles so I can get on with my life. Several visits have led to a new sense of freedom and some amazing breakthroughs. I have a new sense of lightness and am able to see my wonderful future instead of looking over my shoulder at my past.

It takes a special person to affect one’s life, with gifted healing talents, and a soothing way that makes you feel secure while your secrets are revealed. I have much heartfelt gratitude for Julia Grace’s work and how it has affected me.”

Jane L.

I left yesterday with 300 percent more energy than when I arrived. It was a wonderful feeling and continued through the evening and into today. Just felt better in all aspectsphysically as well as emotionallyI felt alive again!

Judy J.

Julia has really helped me to strengthen my true nature, and shed away the baggage that can hold a person back in life. She is extremely perceptive and can sense where trouble areas are with incredible accuracy and insight. I strongly feel that everyone can benefit from Julia’s services. I always leave her office feeling extremely refreshed, relaxed and confident.

Daniel R.

In-person, Telecast or Remote, it doesn’t matter. An hour session with Julia leaves me feeling energized, calm and more balanced. Thanks Julia!

N. H.

I came to see Julia with a bruised knee. She qualified, assessed and proceeded her work. Calmness washed over me. Peace. The next day the leg was as if there had been no problem.
Julia shared the root of my dilemma had nothing to do with my leg.

S. N.

– hip loosened up, no more lower back pain, pelvis is more stable and balanced
– for my shoulder tear, feels much better, posture-wise it’s much more easy to keep my shoulders back 
– also my jaw feels much more balanced and centered
– emotionally/mentally – feel less paranoid/controlling about having things happening a certain way

J. B.

I have been seeing Julia for several years now. She has always been compassionate and caring. Julia has helped me through physical ailments especially with my back. There have been moments when she has helped bring clarity to my life when I most needed it.

I always leave feeling the issue I am faced with appears smaller and solutions become clear. Seeing her on a regular basis brings a much desired balance to my life.

D. W.

I’ve experienced significant changes in my life since I began my sessions with Julia. The majority of my sessions are in-person, though I have had a phone session. I love working with Julia. She creates a positive atmosphere, and I always leave our sessions feeling calm, rejuvenated and empowered. During the sessions, I feel a wonderful sense of peace and relaxation, as well as a feeling of being awake/alert and open to new possibilities and changes.

Some of the changes I’ve noticed include a strong sense of my own worth and strength, and a deep sense of who I am as a person. I am a much calmer person now, and I don’t feel as stressed out as I used to. If I do become overwhelmed, a session with Julia will help me center and calm down.

I used to suffer from frequent colds and other illnesses. Since working with Julia, I rarely get sick, and if I do, the illness goes away quickly. Julia’s work is amazing. She has helped me in so many ways to discover who I am, and to reclaim my inner strength and worth.

Ashley M.

The emotional work we have done with Julia has benefitted our whole family.

The chatter and clutter is dropping away, leaving a calm, clear space in which it is possible to see things differently.

A. R.

I felt, coming off the table, like I was Home. It was like I had been away and I was suddenly in my skin again. My surroundings were more bright.
I felt comfortable and in my body in a way I never had before.

Ando H.

I initially went to Julia for a problem. Now I continue to see her because of the positive experiences that I have had.

During the sessions my body may twist on its own, bend backwards or forwards or it may just stop. I never know what is going to happen next. After one of my sessions it felt as if a great weight had been lifted off of me. I felt ‘lighter’. I’m now happier and calmer and I find my time with Julia to be a truly rewarding experience.

C. H.

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