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Observe More and Absorb Less – Lighten Up and Enjoy Life!

Get results from the comfort of your home or anywhere, no need to travel to a physical office. Clients across Canada often report progress in their well-being. It is possible to enjoy more calmness, confidence, energy and focus. Raising our consciousness accelerates overall awareness and healing in all areas of life. Julia carries the light of consciousness, she helps strengthen our connection with intelligent Life Force energy. 

Life Force energy has the potential to raise the consciousness and enhance the happiness and quality of your life, and everyone has a unique, individual path for transformation.

Benefit from Julia’s Care, Enthusiasm and Experience

Connect with Julia in private sessions for personalized consultations where she observes a variety of information. Clients often shift to a relaxed, sleepy state. Telephone, Online, In person and Remote services may all be effective.

Telephone or Online sessions connect you with Julia by voice or video, simply call at your appointment time. At In-person sessions, you are fully clothed, able to relax in a comfortable space. Telephone or Online sessions are payable at least 24 hours in advance with PayPal, credit card or e-transfer. In-person sessions are also payable with Cash or Cheque. Prices include HST. All sessions take place within 90 days of payment or as specified in item description. Prices may change without notice.

Cancellations: Please call or email at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or move your appointment. NO SHOW, missed Private sessions are automatically charged with no refunds. 
NEW clients complete the Client Info form on Thank You page after payment – only required first time.

Clear Your Path

Clear Your Path

Start with a Telephone, Online or In person private session with Julia

Answering Healing Sessions Questions

Progress with Julia Grace McCammon

Life Force energy healings / Biofield energy healings / Divine energy blessings

Directly transmit the universal energy of consciousness from nature to a recipient, creating the potential to amplify personal growth, create shifts in awareness, and experience more happiness and success. As this intelligent energy flows and identifies your needs, there may be benefits in several areas of life.

  • Life Force energy healing / Biofield energy healing / Divine energy blessing are the same thing
  • Life Force energy healings take place with people or pets anywhere, no phone or internet access required
  • Individual Life Force energy healings are remotely delivered during sleep, when you are more receptive
  • Experience better relationships with your partner, children, relatives, friends and co-workers

Life Force Energy Healings

Receive powerful Life Force while you sleep
You may benefit from any location

Consistent Connection is Optimal for Creating Lasting Change

Transformation happens over time – allow yourself to observe changes and notice what is different

DISCLAIMER: All information on this page is educational in nature. It is not medical or psychological advice. Julia Grace McCammon is not a licensed medical or health-care professional, will not perform medical treatments, prescribe substances, or interfere with treatment of a licensed medical professional. Individual results may vary. Julia Grace McCammon does not guarantee any outcomes.