Julia Grace McCammon, Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner

Julia began with Matrix Energetics in 2008 and has attended most levels several times.

Matrix Energetics begins with the power of focused intent. This tool can be used to shift past trauma, injuries, emotional patterns…

Matrix Energetics is based on subtle energy physics as well as the laws and concepts of Quantum physics.


Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner
From an Interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett founder of Matrix Energetics –

…the major principles of Matrix Energetics are that we are just photons; we are basically patterns of light and information and when we begin to look at ourselves in that way and not as bodies – physical bodies, bodies having problems or minds having problems, or having emotional problems, or financial problems or all these things we begin to see that light as an interconnecting consciousness makes up the entire grid or network of the universe. When you look at things that way you can then begin to utilize the science in Quantum Physics…The idea that the act of observing something entangles you with what you are observing and the very observation itself, changes what you are looking at… slightly change what you are observing and see massive changes in these physical conditions…
…when you talk about responding to Matrix Energetics if you take it as truth that we are made of photons, then the act of observing all these precipitates change. It is something called the “collapse of the wave function”…where you look at something from a point of infinite possibilities and then you choose… Out of that choice comes a new pattern or a new creation… every time you are interacting with Matrix Energetics with this intent, something happens…
…even though the experience of Matrix Energetics is an instantaneous one, it happens immediately, the effects, the ripples if you will, of the experience can continue throughout someone’s life…
…the consciousness, the energy, and the information of Matrix Energetics have the potential to permeate through every aspect of a person’s life.
…We try to condition people not to necessarily focus on their condition…the consciousness that sustains the belief in the condition somewhat limits their ability to experience a change.

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