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It is with gratitude that I write this testimony about Julia. Having had three sessions over the phone and one in person, I can attest to the benefit of Julia’s healing work. With inflammation and pain as my primary problem, Julia worked to clear the blockages in me that I had been holding on to.
I took a trip out west and flew for the first time without any swelling or pain in feet and ankles. I felt more free than I have in a long time and had a wonderful visit with family.
Also, Julia helped a younger member of my family remotely with great benefits and remarkable changes. I am so grateful for Julia’s healing work and grateful I found her.

Andrea S.

When I first started seeing Julia about 5 years ago I was very sick and really a shell of a person due to many circumstances in my life. She saw me several times and each time I could feel myself getting stronger and less fearful. It’s hard to even remember who that person was today as I look back.
She always seems to know just what issues my body, mind or spirit are having. She is able to either help them become stronger or totally heal them. I have overcome many physical and emotional issues in my journey with her.
Not only does she help to heal but I also look at her as a life coach. She is able to help me see things clearly and know the right path to take at the right time. I feel that she provides me with constant guidance and builds my confidence in myself.
I am an extremely strong, powerful woman that has found my voice and way in this crazy world. I believe I owe a lot of that to the work that I have done with Julia.

D. N.

Julia has an effervescent spirit that is somehow calming, a paradox perhaps but Julia has the ability to join these two qualities seamlessly. I have known Julia long before I saw her professionally, her quirky fun energy somehow always managed to bring me peace, I didn’t know why but I always felt better after spending time with her.

Feeling lost at times looking for something but not really knowing what, Julia’s guidance through personal loss and health crisis have been a precious gift and road map for my personal journey to a better understanding of my purpose and acceptance of everyday life.

I feel fortunate to have her on my side with fresh perception and assistance to a happy, positive, peaceful outlook.

Yogi Bednjicki

Before I saw Julia, I hadn’t slept more than 4 or 5 hours straight in a four year period. I felt like there was something I needed to overcome, but I had no idea of what it was, there was just something weighing me down and plaguing my mind.

After I have an in person or remote session with Julia, I feel stronger and calmer. I have a pretty stressful career and juggling the work-life balance with a young child as a single parent, can be challenging.

Attending remote sessions gives me strength and clarity, and I don’t even have to deal with scheduling them! They are a life saver!

After my very first session with Julia, I slept 6 hours straight that night and then began sleeping 8 hours regularly. I was amazed – I didn’t even do anything. I was a skeptic going into my first session, but I was a true believer after my sleep issues disappeared literally overnight.

I continue seeing Julia and my general health, professional and personal lives have improved as well. I totally recommend her to anyone alive.

T. W.

My parents have done some distance energy sessions with Julia and it has really helped both of them with some of the challenges that they are facing as they age.
She offers great support to them as they are navigating their senior years.
They have both commented to me after the sessions about how they can feel the difference.
Thanks for your great support!!

Mike G.

My experience with Julia was very powerful. I was able to unleash a great deal of emotional pain and start healing.
I left the first session feeling very drained but very soon after, I felt a sense of inner calm/peace. I felt light, less burdened, clearer thinking. I also noticed that people were responding to me in a favourable light (people were more attracted to me).
In the following session, I felt very energetic and alive. Julia was able to pinpoint past trauma in my body and work on healing these areas. I wish I had found Julia years ago!

R. C.

I took Skype calls with Julia and I was astonished at how effective it was.

Julia has been changing my life in each session by bringing me into alignment with who I am. Everything feels fresh and new, clarity came in automatically after each session. I felt fantastic and as if she knew what I really needed to fix.

My hip was twisted after an accident, she knew it was and she fixed it and foot and shoulder and back. Most importantly she fixed my brain fog (concussion) which was causing most of my issue. She went deep into my past to fix my present physical and mental issues.

I am so deeply in debt to her for clearing obstacles in my life.


I’ve been working with Julia for a few months and I am so pleased to report that my seasonal allergies lasted for a much shorter time this year and the symptoms were less intense. Usually, I have to wait for the first frost to feel relief but this year, I was symptom-free by the last week of August. Also, on a side note, and completely unexpected, I have noticed that my moods have evened out quite a bit and more days than not I wake up happy. So grateful to you Julia.

K. G.

When I first came to Julia for help, I was having a number of MS related symptoms. Julia has helped me to identify the emotional causes of many of my symptoms through her wonderfully intuitive work. I now feel more balanced and in control and am happy to say that I have not had any of my symptoms return since beginning this work with Julia.

Lisa R.

I had a terrible bout of lower back, buttocks, legs, and foot pain. I spent most of the next couple of years going to RMT’s, Physiotherapist, and Chiropractors along with spending most of my time in bed. Treatments helped but not in the long term…then pain came back within a week to 2 weeks later.

I started doing research on mind/body and more recently energy healing… I found Julia online while searching Yuen Method online and came across her website this past spring… I gave her a call and was able to have a Skype appointment with her in a short time. That first call was amazing! Before the call I had pain, and no energy and after I was up doing things I hadn’t done in months!

I continued to have Skype sessions with Julia weekly over the next couple of months. To put it bluntly she’s AMAZING! Julia is able to track what is going on within your body and take care of it as well as your fears! She was able to track and clear my ongoing ear infection…I had ear surgery almost 17 years ago to remove a tumour, since then I always had a bad smelling ear infection that never seemed to go away. I started noticing my ear was not smelling! It turned out Julia was tracking it and helped my body heal itself!!

My monthly headaches are getting better and my fear of going to the dentist is getting better! Even my hair is getting thicker! My lower body pain is sooooo much better since my first appointment with Julia.
I cannot thank her enough for everything she’s helped me with!!

W. S.

Many thanks for the positive effects of easier digestion, a fantastic hip adjustment that greatly improved my balance and relief from intense shoulder and neck pain during two Group Calls. Thanks Julia, for sharing your energy and healing with me and my family!


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