Restorative Group Energy Healing

Welcome to Restorative Group Energy Healing Calls!

These monthly calls are a great way to take care of yourself and focus on your well-being. You can join from anywhere, including the comfort of your own home.

During the group energy healing session, you will be guided by Julia Grace McCammon, a trained and experienced energy healer. She will lead the group in a supportive and welcoming environment, allowing everyone to benefit from healing energies.

All registrants may benefit as Julia tracks the group’s overall progress

Julia may be quiet during the session as she focuses on the group as a whole. So don’t worry if you don’t hear her speaking much. Just stay on the call and fully immerse yourself in this unique experience.

Before each session, you will receive an email with a link to join. It’s best to find a quiet and comfortable place where you can participate without distractions. It’s important to be fully present during these sessions.

If something comes up and you can’t join live, don’t worry! You will still benefit from being on Julia’s list for the call, and may access the available replay until the next group energy healing session.

Join online from wherever you are in the world

Many thanks for the positive effects of easier digestion, a fantastic hip adjustment that greatly improved my balance and relief from intense shoulder and neck pain during two Group Calls.
Thanks Julia, for sharing your energy and healing with me and my family!


Many feel calmer during group calls and later report feeling energized

These online group energy healing sessions take place on the third Wednesday afternoon of every month for about 45 minutes, next is March 20 at 1pm EST

About 24 hours before each monthly call, you will receive an email with your personal access link to join the Restorative Group Energy Healing Call.

Be alone in a quiet, comfortable place for listening to the call, NOT while driving.
Julia is often quiet during the call as she focuses on the group, stay on the call even when its quiet.

To gain the most from a Restorative Call, everyone signed up should be on the live call.
If registered and for some reason, you miss the call, you benefit being on Julia’s list.

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DISCLAIMER: All information on this page is educational in nature and provided as general information only. It is not medical or psychological advice. Julia Grace McCammon is not a licensed medical or health-care professional and will not perform medical treatments, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professionals. Individual results may vary. Julia Grace McCammon does not guarantee any kind of health benefits.