David’s Speedy Concussion Recovery

Concussions are a serious and unfortunately common injury, especially during the winter months when ice and slippery surfaces increase the risk of falls. I have witnessed first-hand the detrimental effects of concussions on my clients, including dizziness, difficulty concentrating, and debilitating headaches.

Walking is great exercise but when the ground slips away, there’s no telling where the body will fall. My own personal experience with concussions hit home when my husband David fell on ice while walking. As a tall man, he went down hard and banged his head on the pavement, making an awful sound like a coconut. When his head hit the hard asphalt, I knew quick action was crucial for a rapid recovery.

Some people struggle for months with slow recovery after a concussion.

I have seen how this injury can affect people from all walks of life – from ice hockey players to those who simply slip on ice while going about their daily activities like David did.

It can be especially frustrating for active individuals who are used to being on the go and suddenly find themselves restricted by their injury. It’s tough when people get a concussion and their doctor says, “Do nothing but rest. No screens, computer, phone, tv, reading, just rest.”

We live in a country where winter brings plenty of ice and increased chances of falls, many are at risk of suffering from concussions. Seniors often fear slips or falls and avoid going outside in winter.

In this video, David mentions having over 80 images to process and retouch from a commercial photography session. As a professional photographer, this detailed work requires a lot of concentration, focus and time.

I was surprised when he began working on photographs three days after his concussion! Many people cannot function properly for weeks, but he reassured me he was fine, and he was.

David talks about falling and his swift concussion recovery: 

There are potential benefits in blending alternative methods such as energy healing into traditional treatment plans for concussions.

I am so very grateful for my strong intuitive guidance, energy healing abilities and divine connection. It is a pleasure to see clients improve after living with various problems. Explore and embrace opportunities for holistic healing in your journey towards optimal health and well-being.

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