Is Struggling With Your Mind Like Swimming Upstream?

Have you ever wondered “How on earth did I get to this place?

It can be a good place or a bad place, but our mind just can’t seem to wrap around the reality in front of us.

Struggling with our mind can feel like swimming upstream, against the current

When opportunities show up it’s entirely possible for a busy mind to shut them out with doubts and fears for the future.

I have made stupid mistakes along my journey when I let my or other people’s doubts stop my progress. Decisions we make from fear and doubt are from our big heads, mind chatter that quickly shuts out new possibilities. We talk ourselves out of potential leaps forward into something lighter and brighter.

Worrying is so toxic, stirring the pot, over and over with garbage we often cannot control. We waste so much time and sleep, worrying about ourselves, our partner, our children, our job, our future…

What if you could choose to drop the worrying, even for one minute? Take its power away and let it drop to the floor. It’s a bunch of negative thoughts swirling around in your head!

Be more connected with your spirit and present in your body, it’s a much calmer place!

Not everyone is ready or willing to make this shift, their mind still wants control and ego says they know best. An unfortunate choice but we all have free will to choose how we move forward or stay stuck in a story.

I witness again and again the huge leaps forward some clients take, while others progress very slowly. Mental chatter is such a huge part of our successes or failures, take time to look over what is holding you back.

When we truly analyze our own stuff and take responsibility for past outcomes, there is huge potential for growth and change! How is your life today? Are you happy?

If you feel ready to quiet your mind and begin moving forward, let’s get started!

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