Our Body’s Healing Rhythm

The best time of the day for healing is in the afternoon and night!

The Body Has Its Own Healing Rhythm

I offer Private sessions in the afternoon and Life Force energy healings at night. This combination gives potential for clients to receive the best results.

There’s scientific proof in the Science Daily article

“Our biological clock plays crucial role in healing from surgery: Effectiveness of anti-inflammatories following surgery depends on when you take them”

Here’s some of the article:

If you have just had knee, shoulder or hip surgery, you may want to take anti-inflammatories in the morning or at noon, but not at night. A McGill-led study shows, for the first time, that circadian clock genes are involved in healing from surgery. Indeed, the researchers demonstrated that anti-inflammatory medications are most effective in promoting post-operative healing and recovery when taken during the active periods of our biological clocks.

The study, recently published in Scientific Reports, also suggests that if anti-inflammatories are taken either in the afternoon or at night, during the resting phases of the circadian rhythm, they can severely deter healing and bone repair following surgery. That’s because these are the periods when cells known as osteoblasts are rebuilding bone.

Although prior research has shown that circadian clock genes play a role in diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and Parkinson’s, this is the first study to see the effect of the circadian rhythm in any type of surgery or injury.

Inflammation, following surgery, is crucial to healing since part of the process involves both destroying any bacteria that may be in the area, and signaling to attract the cells that will rebuild the tissues.

“There are periods of inflammation that are actually very destructive, and there are periods that are constructive and important for healing,” said Faleh Tamimi.

“When I was a child, and I cut myself, my mother would say to me, don’t worry, go to sleep and tomorrow you will be better,” said Haider El-Waeli. “It turns out she was right because most of the healing happens at night.” “The body has a rhythm” adds Tamimi.

Full article: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/01/200122100554.htm

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