Spring’s Potential – Things To Enjoy

Spring has always been my favourite season.

What I love about Spring!

Fresh air! During winter we stay warm by covering up and staying indoors with windows closed to keep out the freezing cold. It’s a treat in Spring to step outside in fewer layers and enjoy a breath of fresh air. The warm winds of change feel delightful as we stroll about. It’s exciting and enlivening to smell a natural lovely scent while walking outdoors, lilac blooms are my personal favourite.

Spring flowers and all the beautiful greens are a feast for the eyes

Trees are budding and their delicate new leaves unfurl in various shades of green with a few reds too! On the ground the bulbs pop up with vibrant blooms and in the woods delicate spring flowers appear. The grass starts growing and before our eyes the entire landscape switches from downright dreary to Spring spectacular over such a short time.

It’s easier to ground ourselves outside in nature

Our feet connect with the ground on a walk or run without heavy boots to trudge through snow and ice. I enjoy getting out for bike rides and stopping by the river, connecting with nature and our beautiful universe. These are all fabulous ways to enjoy Spring that will help you settle down, feel more grounded and connect with your physical body.

So get moving outside, enjoy fresh air and be grateful for Spring!

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