Loving Animals = Learning to Care for Others

Many of you know I grew up with animals, I loved them and they were my friends. We always had a cat and dog but around 8 years of age I was thrilled the moment I rode a friend’s pony. I asked my father if we could get a pony and he told me if we did, I would be responsible for the care and feeding of the pony. Of course I agreed, having no clue of what was involved and how much horse poop I would shovel.

We started with one pony, then 2, then 2 more and their foals, then a horse for Dad, and a horse for Mom. My sister brought home “cute” baby chicks that she cared for for a few weeks, and then I got to care for as adults in the barn. Not sure how I (youngest of 5 children) became a caretaker for so many animals when all I wanted was a pony! Needless to say my Dad and I shoveled a lot of …!

Then one day Dad arrived with four pregnant cows and plans for beef in the freezer.
He didn’t appreciate the relationships I developed with the cows. I named and tamed two and could even ride dear old Francis the black Angus. It was rather a comedy to see a human being riding a cow, but it was fun! She didn’t mind.

Animals Create Opportunities to Share Our Hearts and Enjoy Their Company

They don’t have minds full of doubts and fears, they just are.
Animals allow us to be ourselves and will give love beyond measure when we respect and honour them.

I learned so much about having responsibilities and working hard at a young age. The bonus of all my caretaking hours was being able to enjoy time with horses; riding, practicing and competing in horse shows. My personal favourites were summer trail rides in the country with a picnic and swim with the horses after at the lake. Horses are like big kids splashing around when they get into a lake! You have to hold on because they get slippery when wet and those hooves can hurt. Oh, what a sweet and wonderful adventure I was lucky to experience!

I Am Grateful for Early Training in Nurturing and Caring for Others

If you need care and assistance, let’s get started!

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