Finding Our Purpose In Life

Finding Purpose In Life – What am I here to do?

As humans we often struggle with our purpose. As we try to figure out what our purpose in life is, we can get more tangled in our thoughts. Knowing what you are meant to do doesn’t come from our mind thinking and analyzing. Our spirit knows the answer but usually we are so disconnected we can’t hear that inner voice of knowing. When we stop constantly being in our heads, there are opportunities to listen and hear our own inner guidance system.

Ever had the feeling when you just knew something was right to do?

Those are moments when you are letting your spirit lead, not your mind and brain. Our mind is super useful at other times, but when it comes to intuitive guidance, NO!! Our mind puts up walls of denial, doubt and fear, with endless questions to stop our progress at any cost!

How do we handle adversity and face the tough times we must experience?

Life events may cause us to hold back, stuck and fearful about the future, unsure of the next step. When everything seems wrong and we don’t know what’s ahead, life can get overwhelming. We have a choice to stay in that comfortable stuck place or move in a new direction.

Do we give up or are we strong enough to rise again?

It may involve taking a long hard look at who we are today. When we accept our failures and weaknesses, there is HUGE potential for personal growth and transformation. If we continue blaming others and making excuses, resistance blocks our growth.

There is no trick or magic pill for knowing your Life Purpose

Have purpose in everything you do, everyday chores at home, tasks at work and relationships with people you like. Let’s face it, some people need letting go if they only offer negative, toxic draining.

The secret is to allow your Spirit to lead you in your best direction!

Over the years it’s been a pleasure to watch clients move through stressed out situations to take brave, courageous new steps and enjoy their life. As doubts, fears and emotional trauma clear, it’s easier to know our true self and life purpose. Calm awareness grows and the next step appears.

Choose to Grow and Rise Strong from what knocks you down

Private sessions, Group energy healing calls and Life Force energy healings may help you clear that inner clutter.

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