My Purpose In Life – What Am I Here To Do?

Finding My Purpose In Life – What is the job I am here to do?

It’s a topic clients often want to talk about in sessions. Many say “I want to know my purpose in life and what I’m supposed to do”. They are unsure of what is to be their next best step. We can have purpose in everything we do, from everyday chores to efforts we make for the people around us at home and at work.

Do life events push us forward or pull us back?

We’ve all gone through tough times where we had no idea of what was ahead and everything seemed wrong. Eventually something happens that shifts us in a new direction. It may be good or bad, right or wrong, up or down, but it’s always our choice.

How do we handle the adversity we face and experience in life?

As we clear doubts, fears and emotional trauma, it’s easier to know our true self and our purpose in life. Calm awareness grows and the next step appears.

Do we give up and stay down or are we strong enough to rise again?

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