Do We Still Want Gold Star Approval?

At some point on our life journey we’ve all had a need for approval in one form or another.
It begins as a child when we look for our parents’ approval.

Remember how good it felt to get a smile from Mom or Dad when you performed well? Or how horrible you felt when they were disappointed or disapproved?

We all enjoy feeling good about ourselves, but some people develop a real thirst for approval. They want and need more appreciation for everything they do.
Sadly the need for glory can mess a person up when it suddenly disappears.

In my early school years I loved receiving gold stars for a job well done, we all did! The problem can exist in how we handle ourselves as teens and adults.

Do we continue wanting and expecting gold stars for the rest of our life?

It would be wonderful for us all to simply enjoy doing our individual tasks and feel satisfaction in their completion. We don’t need approval or appreciation from someone else, but we are human.

There’s True Joy To Be Found In Doing Things For Others With No Strings Attached

It is fun to have approval and appreciation from others, just don’t need it.

Be Proud Of What You Accomplish!

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