3 Healing ways for Seeing the Truth and Letting Go

As we move through life it’s incredible how often we are tested and struggle with trying to assist or simply letting go. The truth is we can create more problems by jumping in and trying to help out, take it from me. Especially with the folks we care about, our children, our partner, our parents, friends and clients.

I was always willing to jump in and help but I have finally learned a huge lesson.

You can never fix what people aren’t willing to change

No matter how much we desire to help another person, the choice to take action or not will always be with them.

Here are three ways I determine how much a person with problems, issues or complaints really wants to improve.

1. Are they taking responsibility for their part in problems?

Or do they always blame someone or something else for every situation in their life?
Until we see our part in past events and present circumstances, we are stuck. We can’t change the story until we see all the players.

2. How much are they truly willing to change?

Is it a sort of commitment with lot’s of talk and zero action? Or have they decided it’s time to move through whatever situation is holding them back? Notice I said move through, we don’t just jump forward in an instant. It’s a process moving through the uncomfortable, often traumatic parts of our life to enable a fresh outlook and new beginning.

3. Are they comfortable with making excuses?

How much time and effort is put into excuses for not taking action? Are they lazy or living a fantasy, hoping something will happen to solve their problems. So many times I have heard people say “the Universe will bring it to me…”
Actually we have to step up, take responsibility and action to change our lives. The world is constantly changing, so being sluggish and stagnant is not a wise option for any of us.

Letting Go Can Be Very Healing

When we stop trying so hard to help others, there’s less drama around us. Focusing on Living Our Life to it’s full potential gets easier!

Many of you know I grew up with lots of animals and was often responsible for their care.

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