Going Through A Soggy Patch

I had an unfortune barefoot experience when I stepped on a soggy patch of carpet in our home. At first my inner warning bell went off as I looked around to see where the heck the water was coming from. If you’ve experienced a water leak, the first reactions are to look up, around and down as your head bobs in search of the trouble.

We have a cat so my first thought was “Did she create this mess?” No.

When I bent down to investigate further, the water smelled clean and felt a bit slippery on my fingers. The plot thickened. Hmm, my eyes slowly looked up at the half-wall of kitchen cabinets in front of me, where the kitchen sink and dishwasher are enclosed.

Next began the process of elimination, was the leak from the sink area or the dishwasher? The squishy wet area lined up with the middle of these two cabinets. There was no evidence under the sink, so the next step brought my husband into action. He pulled out the dishwasher and discovered two problems.

  1. A copper pipe for the water line was kinked and over time a small leak had begun. 
  2. The dishwasher itself was the main cause, it had leaked while draining.

Job one was to dry out the carpet and wet area in the dishwasher cabinet with lots of towels and a fan. As we accomplished this task, I was so grateful for uncovering these water problems. Others might react differently, feeling angry, frustrated or upset, afraid they’ll have to spend money.

I have been through enough horribly upsetting events in my life to finally recognize, THIS situation is small potatoes! There is no need or point in freaking out when bad stuff happens, yet we all do it. In the past I could have easily been in a big sweat over this calamity, yet today it felt like a gift!

I am Super Grateful for having the Awareness to See Things more Clearly

Just think about what could have happened… The copper pipe could have sprung a much bigger leak and the dishwasher leak could easily have gone unnoticed for a day or two. It was cold outside and I rarely walk around barefoot during the colder months. The results could have been much worse if the leaking water had made its way through the ceiling below…

The cost of repairing damages would have been MUCH higher! So you see, that is why I was grateful to have felt the creepy squish of wet carpet under my feet. We took quick action and cleaned up the mess. A new dishwasher and water line hose have solved both problems and we are good to go!

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