Christmas Triggers – Stirred Up by past Emotional Wounds

They stir up our past emotional wounds, reminding us of times that were better or worse.

Along with glad feelings, our sad and mad emotions can suddenly bubble up to the surface, usually not at the best of times.

Christmas brings up a variety of feelings for many people. Some experience upsetting emotions which are consistently triggered year after year around the holiday season.

As we remember favourite Christmas moments and past events shared, we feel sadness and grief over loved ones who have passed, knowing they won’t be with us again this year. 

We beat ourselves up with memories of past ugly events and negative circumstances. Especially childhood traumas we couldn’t control. Anger and hurt feelings appear around relationships that damaged us.
Some people even feel shame about being alone at Christmas. 

We have doubts, feel guilt and regret over stuck situations that continue to exist. Our mind takes us on an endless loop of mental gymnastics, wondering how things could have been better or what could have been done differently. 

How long do we choose to hold on to this pile of old emotional clutter?

During sessions around the Christmas season I see a wide range of emotions in clients. We track down past emotional traumas and events connected with their Christmas triggers and engage in clearing the patterns attached to long term issues. 

At the end of sessions, it’s always nice to see a smiling face!

Would you like to clear some baggage?

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Mixed in with our emotions are some truly fine moments when we feel the joy of sharing Christmas with the family and friends we love!

If Christmas Triggers start messing with your holidays, take a breath and realize it’s just your old stuff showing up that’s ready to go.

Enjoy yourself this holiday season!

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