Is Moving Stressful? 6 Tips for a Calmer Move

How many times have you moved from one place to another? Moving creates a challenge to sort and organize our stuff, then fit it into various boxes and containers. On moving day all our belongings get packed into a moving truck, van or car and driven to our new home. After that, we get to unpack all the items and choose where to place them at our new place. Yes, it can be very stressful…

Moving shows some strengths and weaknesses

Are you a procrastinator who waits too long to start packing? Does moving include last-minute panic, tossing items in garbage bags that can accidentally get thrown out? The process of sorting and letting go of stuff we don’t need takes time but is truly rewarding. It feels great to create space, rather than drag along weighty old baggage. Trying the easy way out, saying you’ll sort stuff later, just doesn’t work.

Sorting which items go in moving boxes gives a double bonus. You enjoy less clutter and a lighter move!

This task can be overwhelming at times when it forces us to look at our past. Old clothing, photos, and random items may trigger happy memories or sad emotions. They stir up old feelings about family members, friends, and past events. Wonderful memories, as well as horrible ones, can bring tearful reactions. The journey may have waves of delight or grief and regret.

It’s worthwhile facing our past rather than keeping it buried and holding onto old stuff. Are you having a hard time letting go? Private sessions and Life Force energy healings may assist with clearing emotional baggage.

My husband and I have moved a lot over the years, so I’m sharing a few moving tips!

6 Moving Tips to Calm Moving Day

  1. Start sorting and packing your stuff as soon as you know you are moving. Giveaway or throw out items you are done with ahead of time, there’s no sense taking unwanted stuff to pile up at the next place.
  2. Buy moving boxes in a few sizes, mostly small and medium size boxes plus a few large ones for bulky items. Remember to get packing paper for fragile items. You can pick up some boxes at the grocery or liquor store but for more than a one-room move, buy moving boxes! They pack and stack easily before, during and after moving to your new home. Plus, you can store folded empty moving boxes and reuse them. Adult children are happy to reuse parents’ moving boxes for their many moves, after all, they are FREE!!
  3. Have a couple of big fat markers handy so you can properly label contents on the outside of every box you fill. It is also important to write where each box is going at the new place. This one step is a huge time saver at the other end! You won’t be searching through piles of boxes placed in the wrong rooms.
  4. You want to fill each box to the top, so it won’t collapse when boxes are piled on top. Folding box tops create problems with stacking, a line of tape holding things together across the top is worth the effort. Have a few rolls of packing tape on hand, we’ve run out of while rushing to pack those last boxes on moving day.
  5. On the moving day, there’s no time for food preparation, have snacks and water bottles available. Focus on packing up final kitchen items. Do a last quick cleanup and vacuum before leaving the old place. Be considerate of the new people arriving.
  6. Head for your new home to begin moving in and unpacking, the second stage of moving day. You’ll be hungry now, so pick up food on the way to keep you going!

It’s a long day but in the end, it always feels good when everything is unloaded. Sit quietly for a minute and enjoy being in your new home!

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