Simply Speak Truth, It’s Better For All

I recently learned the meaning of a S*** Sandwich! OK call me naive (my kids often do) but I hadn’t heard the term before.

A dear friend and client explained it to me the other day and I laughed so hard!!

Many awkward situations I’ve experienced suddenly made sense! Times when people were saying nice things to me and yet it felt fake and untrue. They were not being genuine, unable to express their feelings and speak truth.

Hearing that people actually plan how they will say the unpopular truth by wrapping it in something nice before and after – OMG seriously?!

Say it Directly and Speak Truth, it’s Better for All

Adding a fake wrapper before and after doesn’t feel good for anyone, it actually feels like crap! Many aren’t aware of this, they are too distracted in their thoughts to notice the truth. I try to understand why some people prefer enjoying false praise. Phoney nonsense feels like a bunch of yuch to me. Yes that’s me speaking unfiltered, again.

To be fair, as an empath who “feels” everything, my spidey sense is pretty strong.
It’s a priority for me to strengthen every client’s awareness and perception during sessions.

When We Speak Truth There’s A Better Flow Within Our Body

Swallowing our words and being silent holds us back. Stopping or blocking creates anxiety, guilt, resentment and stress in our body. Eventually various symptoms, disorders and illnesses can show up.

Clients arrive with problems from their mouth up top to their exits at the bottom. These could involve throat, thyroid, gall bladder, pancreas, stomach, small intestines, colon, kidneys, bladder…digestive issues, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, hemorrhoids…need I say more?

Allow yourself to enjoy real conversations with other human beings where you simply speak truth to each other.

Give Praise and Compliments When You Truly Feel Them From the Heart

Watch as the person receiving Lights Up with True Joy!

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