Are You Ready to Change Your Life?

Again and again I hear how much clients want to change. They want to stop feeling stuck and clear the anxiety, sadness and stress in their lives.

Often we’re ready to say “heck yes!” but when the time comes we pull back. Important moments when we make a choice – to go forward or slip back into familiar patterns we’re used to.

I see all of the potential of a person in front of me. It’s sad to watch some clients shrink back as they get close to breaking through to their next level of confidence and awareness.

Most of us want joy and happiness in our lives, right? Sometimes we are so wrapped up in our stories of what went wrong we cannot see a choice to change. Or we really don’t want to change because we would have to let go of a list of excuses for the state of our lives.

We only slow ourselves down by blaming someone or something for whatever is wrong with us. Yes our parents messed us up, but then who messed them up?

We all do the best we can with situations showing up in our lives

Some of us choose to get back up when we are knocked to the ground. Others stay down and are afraid to stand up for themselves or others. Some have been victims of emotional, verbal or physical abuse. The scars run deep for any form of abuse or traumatic events. We may believe we are powerless with no way to heal old wounds or improve ourselves.

The Wonderful Truth is We Can Change and Shine Much Brighter

When we drop out of our head, into our heart and take action to improve – old issues can finally let go. Most of the time it is our doubts and fears that are running the show. When these are kicked to the curb, we can get clear on our purpose and potential.

Change Your Life to be More Happy and Peaceful

I am here to assist with the clean-up and renovations of your true self. You can tell I worked at my Dad’s hardware store many summers, sometimes issues show up as plumbing or electrical! You get to notice what’s different in your life!

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