Are Some People Pests In Your Life?

Today’s adventure involved wandering outside to check on the tomato plants we’ve been growing this summer. We have been enjoying having fresh tomatoes and some cucumbers.

I was out having a look and noticed some branches getting a bit black on the edges. I thought “Something’s going on” and started trimming off a little bit of a few branches on one plant. I was working away trimming, no big deal, but then started to notice a few little tomatoes had been chopped in half and eaten. I got a little more suspicious. As I was going along, I reached for another branch and touched underneath. It felt weird, it felt different and felt soft and puffy. So, I bent down and looked and there was this big giant, creepy hornworm. Well, if you don’t know what heartworms are, and you don’t like bugs, this might sound a little icky. Anyway, he was this long green thing. They chomp away and devour tomato plants really quickly if they go unnoticed. This guy had been chomping away all night, I think, a few branches were stripped down, and bites were out of the tomatoes.

I ran back in the house and got a little container with some soapy water and tongs to pull them off with. It is amazing if you have ever dealt with these fat green guys, they get attached and really hang on. They just will not let go, like other pests in our lives. I had to pull them off and stick them in the soapy water, and then they were done. I found two of them. I don’t know if I’m going to find more, but hopefully that was it on that plant. It got me thinking about life in general.

We can have Pests Hanging On in our Lives

Some of those pests just like to chomp away at us and take little bites. Especially the ones that like to just nibble at us, throwing in doubts and fears and worries. Chomping away at our confidence and just holding us back enough, while they devour more and more.

It sucks to have a pest chewing on you and hanging on you. Yet even our thoughts can be pests and our thoughts can be learned from those before us. Whether it is our parents, our siblings or our friends. So many useless thoughts can hang on and glom on to keep our mind going in endless circles. Doubts about whether we are good enough, doubts about whether we will have a job, doubts about whether we can work or how long we are going to live or blah, blah, blah. They go on and on and fear, oh my goodness, fear is such a powerful one.

Fear is like One Big Giant Green Hornworm

It just chews us up, spews out crap and moves on to devour the next branch in our life. A lot of the time, the history behind all of this, can be what was planted when we were kids. Whether it is how we grew up, the roles we played, how our parents treated us or how they treated other siblings differently, blah, blah, blah, how they were treated.

We are all trained into these stupid patterns of worry, doubt, fear and denial. Then there are some other juicy ones that can take hold, like expectation. We think, depending on how we were treated, we should expect things to stay the same. “This is the way my life was” and if everything has been provided for us, have expectations that it should continue. Or have no expectation and not trust anyone because you did not have support when you were young.

Do you see how all these things are like big giant bugs? They kind of glue on to you and just keep chewing away. That’s why the big green hornworms got me thinking about people in our lives that chomp away at us and the importance to recognize that. The sooner we recognize the damage that is being done, it’s key for our growth to move on and get out of that pattern. If we can recognize whose voices are in our heads. I hear adult people today saying, long after their parents have passed on “Oh, I hear my father or my mother’s voice in my head”. They cannot believe in their own thoughts. They have got to hang on to their parents’ thoughts. How useless is that?

It’s time we start being the adults in the room, take responsibility and recognize “All right, this is a stupid thought, let’s move on and get to something more productive”. There is a point right there. Instead of letting ourselves be devoured, why not step up and recognize that. Say “Enough!” to those people who are harmful to us “Stop it, back off!” Let them go from your life. We don’t need everyone in our lives, especially those who act like parasites, just chewing away at us. There is no need. It is OK for you to say “Enough!” and establish some boundaries for yourself.

You can Grow and Flourish like a Healthy Plant

I know that tomato plant is going to recover. I got two of these big suckers off, and if any more are there, I’m going to get them too!

You have to take the time and allow yourself to reflect and recognize. Where your pests are, who they are and the memories, all of that stuff that hangs on. If you need some help with that, let me know. Otherwise, take a good look at yourself. It is OK to take responsibility for all the garbage, the thoughts that you allow to flourish that don’t do any good for you.

Then recognize your strengths, your abilities, recognize what you bring to the table and what you can put forth. You do not have to listen to those old voices and those old stupid thoughts. You have great thoughts of your own about how you want to live and what you can do best. Go with that.

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