Answering Questions On Healing Systems

Healing servicesNew clients often ask how I work and what systems, techniques I am using.

Over the past 17 years I trained in many healing methods, modalities and systems. For me these techniques are all simply tools for tracking information. They have little to do with final outcomes and improvements for my clients.

For example, if a person puts the time and effort into preparing a tasty stew, would you credit the knife used to cut the vegetables? The cook has the recipe, buys the ingredients and determines how to put each item together to produce a wonderful stew. Let’s face it, the knife plays a minor role while the cook makes every decision and takes several actions to create the best possible outcome.

I speak from cooking experience as well as summers working at my father’s hardware store surrounded by endless varieties of tools for any task. It’s a natural progression for me to use different tools for solving a problem. These days tools are less and less important as information and powerful life force energy flows fast!

My gifts are more than a list of training and certifications. I have been a natural healer for as long as I can remember and ALL my life learning has guided me forward with greater awareness.

Life challenges provide super chances for growth, when you’re in the ditch there’s nowhere else to go but up. I’ve hit the ditch many times and the difference is I rise again and get back on my feet. Plenty of events have slapped me down hard but these experiences have all made me stronger! We have a choice in life to bend or break by our traumas, I have chosen to bend.

Life experiences are a huge part of my dedication and grit. Divine grace powers my abilities as intelligent life force energy of consciousness flows to clients.

If this makes sense to you, let’s create better outcomes for you!

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