Are We Really Caring or Do We Pretend to Care?

On a trip home from Ottawa, an experience reminded me of the importance of caring.

My husband and I had stopped at a comfort station along highway 401 near Toronto. It was a busy Sunday evening with lots of traffic, so lots of people in the restaurants and bathrooms.

Upon entering the washroom area, a loud sound of rushing water came roaring all the way down the long row of bathroom stalls. I couldn’t tell where the water noise was coming from but it sounded like a toilet stuck in flush mode.

Maintaining our clean water supply is important, so I naturally started looking for the cause. As I walked by each stall it became clear the culprit was the end toilet. I looked in and saw gallons of water swooshing down the drain at a fast rate because the handle was stuck down. I pushed the handle up and soon there was silence as the toilet stopped swallowing gallons and the water settled.

I wondered how many had passed by this situation and completely ignored it. How much water was wasted while no one bothered to check? Are people not caring enough to look and see what’s possible? Do we pretend not to notice problems and struggles in front of us, turning our heads the other way?

Sometimes we are too stuck in the swirling noise of our own problems to notice anything beyond ourselves. We care or we don’t care, there is no sort of caring but some try to pretend.

Our home toilet would be noticed if loudly stuck in flush with volumes of water rushing down the drain.

What We Choose to Do when No One is Watching is Important

Everyday life presents chances to step up with a little effort for the good of all.
How do you show your caring for this world?

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